Heal Malaysia was founded in December 2018 with the intention to ease health care access to the general public focusing more on the middle and lower middle-class demographics of Malaysia.
The founder, Dr.Mazlan Mohamed Musadiq is a qualified Medical Doctor graduated from Manipal Medical College, India and is registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). He has served General Hospital in Malacca for 6 months where he rotated 7 portfolios, Internal
Medicine,Orthopaedics, OBG, Surgery, Paediatrics,Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine under the Shadow Housemanship programme.

Through the months and years of interaction with patients of various demographic background in Malaysia. Dr. Mazlan saw an opportunity to improve the healthcare system in different ways.

He then founded Heal Malaysia under the 4 pillars: (HEALTH) (ENERGY) (ALLEVIATE) (LONGEVITY). The ‘HEALTH’ pillar represents the business module whereby Heal Malaysia has partnered with various Healthcare Professionals from both the government and private sector to be placed under Heal Malaysia which serves as a hub to ease patients access to HCP’s under various portfolios with affordable consultation fee. This serves as a one stop centre.

The various portfolios under them so far are Internal Medicine (GP), Plastic Recostructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology and
Anti-Ageing, Physiotherapy and Home Pysiotherapy. Their first client was a refugee organization, Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) whereby their refugees are mainly from Afghanistan and Kazakhstan which benefited with the below market price catered specifically for their need.

The ‘Longevity’ pillar represents a movement and health initiative which was initiated in early 2019 under Project Clarity (#PROJECTCLARITY).

Heal Malaysia would like to break the stereotype that doctors or any HCPs are unapproachable or judgemental. Doctors are friends of the general public and not a medicine prescribing machine. Rather, through this initiative and movement they would want to connect the general public to not only HCP’s but any role-model or public figure who can spare their time and share their experiences which can serve as a guide to those who are going through trials and tribulations or problems in life.

I hope to reignite the human touch amongst the general public which is certainly slowly fading away in this technology driven society. A simple phone call or coffee session can make a whole lot of difference. With this, I hope to gather like minded minds, advocates and propel HEAL MALAYSIA forward to give back to society.

Dr.Mazlan Mohamed (Founder &Health Care Advisor)


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